bld signEating alone doesn’t really scare me…when done prior to noon. In the AM, you can always find me hiding in the corner of some coffee shop with a double cappuccino, blueberry scone and my nose embedded in my laptop.

But, when it comes to a meal after 5:00, I usually plop myself at the safety of a bar to enjoy my solo supper with a cocktail.

For me, this didn’t count as a check off the ‘eating alone” bucket list. I wanted to have a romantic dinner at my very own table without the comfort of a friendly stranger sitting at the next stool.

I chose to do my eating alone at, BLD, a newer restaurant that popped up near my home in Arizona. The interiors were not as sexy as their sister establishment, Cork, but still modern and sleek. I entered and immediately said, “just one”.

I don’t like when they have to ask “how many?”

The hostess sat me at a cushy booth big enough for four and I was grateful that they didn’t shove me in the corner at some tiny two-top. Put me right out there in the open for everyone to ogle.

Yep. I’m eating alone.
eating alone at bld

After immediately ordering a glass of Zinfandel, I  started to settle in. This ain’t so bad. My food extravaganza began with the seared ahi and cucumber salad.

Another glass of wine please.

The second course to my eating alone adventure was a prosciutto and fried goat cheese salad.

My server was personable, my Kindle app had a great unread book and I wasn’t subjected to eating greasy chicken wings at the local pub just because the was no dining partner.
ahi appetizer while eating alone  goat cheese salad while eating alone

No romantic dinner is complete without ordering dessert and rocky road bread pudding with toffee sauce fit the bill.
rocky road bread pudding

I lingered at the restaurant for more than an hour and a half, enjoying the silence and the perk of not having to share my dessert when eating alone. It was almost as good as not having to share my popcorn when I went to the movies by myself.

Is eating alone on your bucket list?