Eyebrow ThreadingEyebrow threading was not a life long dream, but I had seen these little shops popping up all over and was curious by the technique.  I am a Retina-A & Triluma user which helps with wrinkles and discoloration, but causes a thin layer of skin to be removed, in addition to my brow hair, when I wax. So I usually just pluck my brow hair…one by one…ouch!

Eyebrow threading is a way of shaping eyebrows by using just a Cotton piece of thread. It is widely practiced in the Middle East and India, but has been making a significant showing in America.

There are no chemicals used and the whole process takes about 5 minutes.

I had mine done at the local mall where I just popped in without any wait. They sit you in a chair, simillar to the ones at a hair styling salon and then proceed with the eyebrow threading using one long piece of thread.

I am pleased with the results, being quite fascinated by the fact that they removed my hair, even the short ones, with a piece of string. Talk about a low overhead business!

What to learn how to do it yourself? Check out this video:

Have you ever done eyebrow threading?