My 40th Birthday Bucket List Extravaganza

Written by Annette White

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Birthday Bucket List CakeI have a 40th Birthday Bucket List, because I am that annoying person that gets excited about every birthday. Why? Because every year I do something I will remember (typically something new and just a little scary) to commemorate that special day.

On prior birthdays, I have rappelled, skeet shooted and went on a $500 shopping spree. And that was before I even started creating a Birthday Bucket List.

This year is the BIG 4-0, I can't believe I'm admitting that! Though I have been to countless 40th birthday parties for my friends which were great fun, my dream is to forgo the big bash and complete as many items as I can on my bucket list in one day. I planned a Birthday Bucket List, an entire day dedicated to new experiences.

Here's what the Birthday Bucket List itinerary is looking like so far:
7:00am: #150. Write a letter to yourself that you'll read in 5 years
7:45am: #20. Make an origami animal
8:30am: #84. Try a new food (#13 mochi)
8:45am: #23. Contact someone with your own name
9:30am: #72. Wear fake eyelashes
11:00am: #112. Buy an entire outfit at a second hand store…wear it!
12:30pm: #26. Eat at a memorable restaurant
2:00pm: #67. Get fitted for a bra
6:30pm: #119 Fly on a trapeze
8:00pm: #26. Eat at a memorable restaurant
9:00pm: 157. Pay the bridge toll for the person behind me
9:30pm: #97. Dress in super sexy lingerie

Extras, if there is time:
#132 Look 10 years younger
#148. See a foreign film

 Phew! I hope I can complete them all in one day! Either way, I'm pretty sure I'm going to remember this birthday forever…

What would be on your Birthday Bucket List?

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  1. I totally love it. This is a great list and a good set of challenges.

  2. sounds wonderful (and busy!!). good luck and post lots of pictures! 

  3. Etsuko says:

    Have a wonderful Birthday! Your plan sounds packed. I challenge you to make paper crane as for #20. It could take up to 30 min if you have never done it before! I look forward to reading all about it. When is it anyway?

  4. My birthday is Feb. 3rd! I will post all the results soon after.

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