Annette White at the pre 20 year high school reunion partyAnnette White table at the 20 year high school reunionAnnette White at her 20 year high school reunionI was hesitant to attend my 20 year high school reunion, after all the last high school reunion I went to featured the well-known cliques in every corner; popular, farmers, stoners & book worms. Unfortunately, I was always just the shy girl who everyone thought was “quiet, but nice” so my clique was absent. Feeling awkward and insecure (just like high school) I ate my dinner, chatted with a handful of people and went home.

For this 20 year high school reunion I thought if I could get a good group of core friends to go, what could be the harm. If nothing else, it would be a great opportunity to get dressed up, eat a fine meal and hang out with the people who I still kept in touch with.

We ended up with a group of about 8 core friends to attend the 20 year high school reunion, I felt safe with that. At least one of them should be easy to locate in a crowded room if I needed a friendly face.

The best thing my class did was organize a pre-reunion get together at a local bar. It was a great opportunity to be reacquainted with people on a smaller scale. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook there were about 40 of the 250 classmates that showed up to the day before party. Fun!

The night of the big event was a bit overwhelming, yet fantastic. I was so surprised when it was time to leave and there were still  people that I hadn’t been able to catch up with. The best part is that with the combination of the reunion and Facebook, it has opened up endless friendship and event opportunities.

Tips for attending your 20 year high school reunion:
1. Realize that your not the only one who is nervous. Just about everyone I spoke to had some sort of anxiety associated with attending the reunion.
2. Reconnect with old friends prior to the reunion. A great way to do this is to contact them to see if they will be in attendance.
3. Select your outfit in advance so you do not to add to the stress on the day of.
4. Skim the yearbook prior to arrival to help remembering your classmates faces.
4. Let it go! Attend the reunion with an open mind, don’t  hang on to old grudges.

Have you been to a 20 year high school reunion? Or any class reunion?


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